Axver (axver) wrote,

I have been slack with updating my LiveJournal lately, haven't I? Well, that slackness is going to last a few more days at least! Tomorrow, I'm heading off to New Zealand, though only for a brief trip. By 'brief', I mean that I leave after breakfast on Friday and return in time for dinner on Sunday. It's definitely going to be a whirlwind trip, but I'm actually going to end up seeing more of my family than I've seen on most of my previous trips back home by virtue of the fact that I'm going over for my father's fiftieth birthday party. It's also going to be great to see home - I haven't been in New Zealand since April 2003. ANZAC Day was going to be the "I've been out of New Zealand for three full years" mark. As my flight is from the Gold Coast, not Brisbane, I'm heading back down that way to stay with family overnight so that it's easier to get to the airport.

One thing I'm not looking forward to is the lack of music! I'll miss the library of music I have on my computer. You can only take so many CDs. I rarely wish that I had an iPod or similar MP3 player, but now is one of those times!

Also, I just realised that I've accidentaly let my paid LJ account lapse. Well, that will teach me for not paying attention. I got the "paid account expiring" e-mails and kept thinking "oh, but I can do it tomorrow, it's not something I must do tonight!" Ooops. I guess I'll have to re-subscribe once I get home.

In any case, I better go, I have packing to complete and dinner to eat. Have a nice weekend, folks!
Tags: flying, livejournal, music, new zealand, travel

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