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Alright, it seems some people are actually interested in an update about my life, so here it is.

Firstly, I have acquired another curious habit to add to my already long list of curious habits: I compulsively eat ice. I seriously ate a whole tray of ice while cooking dinner this evening.

Domestic life is alright. I get on very well with my flatmate, but I'm bloody sick of all the stuff one has to do around the house. The apartment came with a dryer, but the thing doesn't seem to remember its function is to dry, so I have to waste valuable time hanging clothes on the clothes horse and then ironing them. I'm also finding meals to be increasingly boring, though at least my cooking tastes good.

University is both excellent and overwhelming. The knowledge is awesome and I'm rather taken with the library. However ... sometimes I really do question what on earth I'm doing here. They definitely don't ease you into things, that's for sure. If this is the first year, I hate to think what third year is like. Maybe I need to tell my overachieving side to kindly shut up, but then again, I don't want to give into my procrastinatory side. It's been a battle against it already, though I think I'm slowly but surely winning.

My subjects? I'm surprised to discover that at this stage, I'm enjoying the political subjects much more than the historical ones, in terms of the actual lectures/tutorials and what I get out of the subjects. However, I prefer to study the historical ones. I can't quite explain why this is, except that I'm not too happy about how my Rise Of Modern Asia course is being taught but I love what's in the textbook. I haven't taken a single note after three weeks in the class. I have to wonder if anyone has. It's taught by two professors, one of whom seems like a really nice fellow while the other guy is an Asian who can be difficult to understand. I'll give him a chance, though.

The one frustrating thing about studying both Introduction To International Relations and Modern Political Ideologies is the crossover in terminology, in that some shared terms have subtle differences in meaning in the two courses. It sometimes requires a conscious effort to remind myself which aspects fit into which course. Doing the assignments should prove to be interesting, that's for sure. One thing I do like is the potential for my political studies to be relevant to the assignments in my historical subjects. I haven't yet finally determined what my topics will be for my major assignments in the two historical subjects, but I'm definitely being swayed in certain directions by the possibility of applying my political studies.

Moving on from university now, my enjoyment of music continues to rise higher and higher. I feel sorry for people who don't even begin to dig beyond the fluffy garbage presented to them by commercial radio. I read a wonderful quote earlier today that was made by Steve Wilson of Porcupine Tree and I feel like sharing it with the rest of you: "Melancholic music is very uplifting. Why? Because it’s a shared experience. In contrast, I find music that is artificially happy or very joyful to be very depressing."

Finally, I would like to express my absolute happiness with one result at the Commonwealth Games. Rugby sevens has been held three times at the Games. In 1998 at Kuala Lumpur, New Zealand won the gold. In 2002 at Manchester, New Zealand won the gold. In 2006 at Melbourne, New Zealand yet again won the gold. It's a beautiful thing. New Zealand owns the soul of world rugby and you know it. Oh, and the Wellington Hurricanes have lost just one game thus far this season and lie second on the Super 14 standings. I'm a happy man.
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