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First day of university.

Today was my first day of university proper, as last week was just orientation courses (that proved to be largely but not completely unhelpful as I'd already read the vast majority of the information online). I had two lectures today, with two more to come on Wednesday; tutorials don't get going until next week. I feel like I should have something monumental to say today, in light of the whole "so how was your first day of university?" big-event-in-your-life kind of questioning, but I don't. I went to two lectures, listened to a couple of lecturers explain material that either 1. is available online or 2. that I, on the whole, already knew (though the Introduction To International Relations lecture had some handy stuff at one point). Not particularly noteworthy.

More noteworthy was the mad dash home to sign onto tutorials. See, we have to sign on for our tutorials, with sessions available at multiple times and only a certain amount of people allowed to sign on for each one (in the case of my two subjects thus far, 15 and 20). Of course, it's first come, first served, and some bright spark had the idea to commence sign ons just ten minutes after my lectures today. People with wireless Internet on their laptop, and folks able to jump on a computer in the library have an inherent advantage. I don't even have a laptop, let alone wireless, and I haven't even been into the library yet (that'll likely be Thursday's activity) so I didn't want to take the risk of stuffing around there wasting time finding a computer. I'm less than a ten minute walk from the uni anyway, so I figured I'd just walk home fast. Then, of course, my lectures ran late and I found myself with less than five minutes to make the mad dash home.

Talk about moving. Anyone who knows me in person knows that I walk fast even in my sluggish moments. Double my normal walking speed and you have an idea of how fast I was motoring back home. You'll beat me in a running race easily, but I just don't lose when it comes to walking fast. Nor do I lose when it comes to getting the time that I want - I picked up the very last place left for one that I wanted (I picked up my other course's tutorial comfortably). Damn those people with wireless for making me hurry so much! Luke remarked that he'd never seen me move so fast. I'd certainly be very fit if I had to make a frantic walk like that every day, but thankfully I don't. Only one of my two remaining classes requires a sign on, and rather smartly, that tutorial doesn't become available for sign ons until a comfortable hour after the first lecture has finished! I could dawdle home, though I hate dawdlers. If you're going somewhere, go; don't act as if I'm watching a slow motion replay of you going there. It's not that I'm impatient, it's just that I figure that if you have a destination in mind, you might as well make an effort to get there instead of becoming one with the footpath.
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