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My problems with Christianity

Today I've found more reasons why I have a problem with the Christian religion. I have no trouble with Christ - NONE - and I believe in Him wholeheartedly, but the Christian religion pisses me off something fierce. I'm sick of its condescending nature, its "bless you my son/daughter" and then do bugger all attitude, its arrogant prayers, its inability to listen or compromise to positions it doesn't agree with (EVEN WHEN THSE POSITIONS ARE BIBLICAL!), and its inability to tolerate people who rock the proverbial boat. It just makes me want to explode. I nearly exploded at someone today over a debate about whether swearing is OK or not. I got really ticked off when I was accused of accepting swearing because the world approves of it, and, as a Christian, I should be different to the world. What the ADAM CLAYTON POPTART? Fricking sheeps' guts, I don't recall a single passage telling us to be different to the world and disagree with it EVEN WHEN IT'S RIGHT! I recall the "be in the world but not of the world" passage, but that doesn't mean I can't agree with it from time to time. And don't bring up the "world loves its own" argument with me - somehow the fact that I make statements like "humanity's biggest problem is people" gives the impression the world doesn't like me a great deal. But that's bloody irrelevant. I believe what I want, and I don't give a flying fuck whether the world agrees with me or not. I would think swearing is OK whether six or six billion people agreed with me. The fact the world approves of it doesn't even come into the bloody equation. Did I consult the world before making my decision? Did I take the world's opinion into consideration before making my decision? Did I choose to make this decision as a result of worldly influence? NO, NO, and NO! A thousand times NO! I USED to think swearing was wrong. When I became a Christian, I was told it was wrong and believed as much, until some very intelligent people with well-constructed arguments showed me that it's perfectly OK when used in the correct manner and context (thank you all of you at YTF who showed me that).

One thing I found very amusing was when I was debating with one of those anti-swearing Christian types at school - the hypocritical bastard I posted about not long ago. I told him that swearing is OK when used in the correct context, and he told me there is NEVER a correct context, but only a few minutes later - I'm pissed that I didn't pick up on this at the time - he used the word 'fuck' in an example! Thus, he PROVED that there is a correct context! The stupid moron defeated himself; I didn't need to prove him wrong!

Grr, if I want to swear, I'm going to. I challenge someone to provide me with a Bible verse saying that it is wrong. Come on, show me just ONE verse. It's like asking for a verse that says the word 'rapture' - IT'S NOT THERE! And don't anyone dare turn this challenge around on me and ask me to provide a verse that says swearing is OK. Not only is that a pathetic debating technique, but something does not have to be mentioned in the Bible to be OK. If it has to be mentioned in the Bible to be OK, then you better throw away your TV, never travel in a car, sell your sunglasses, burn your magazines, and stop listening to the radio. SOMETHING DOES NOT NEED TO BE MENTIONED AS OK IN THE BIBLE TO BE OK! You wear sunglasses, listen to the radio, et cetera, even though they are not mentioned in the Bible, so why must swearing be said to be OK? Hmmm, methinks someone has a double standard.

Christianity is really starting to bug me. Not REAL, TRUE Christianity, the Christianity Christ preached, but the Christianity of the world today. I find it amusing that Christians say "be different to the world, do not do as it does" when 2 billion people - ONE THIRD OF THE ENTIRE POPULATION - are Christians, and over half of the population of most Western countries are Christian. If you want to be different, deny Christ and put your cross down.

What I hate is Christians who deliberately seek to be different to the world and look for persecution. Who the fuck do they think they are? Being in the world but not of the world has DIDDLYSQUAT, NICHTS, NOTHING to do with being different. Sure, you can like something the world likes - you eat, drink, watch TV, read, and listen to music, don't you? - but that doesn't make you of the world, that doesn't make you a 'bad' Christian. And why the MacPhisto would anyone deliberately seek persecution? Why would you hold an opinion just because the world disagrees with you? What a FANTASTIC reason to dislike something! I am sick of hearing stuff along the lines of "I don't like secular music/swearing/whatever because TEH WORLD likes it!" Ooo, tremble in fear, TEH WORLD likes it! Run from TEH WORLD! TEH WORLD is ruled by TEH ANTICHRIST and STAN, and they tell them what to like, and if TEH WORLD likes it, you better not like it, or you're DAMNED! Good Zooropa, it pisses me off.

So yes, I've even thought of distancing myself from Christianity and coming up with some new name for what I believe, although I think this to be a bad idea. However, lately my thoughts have been changing on certain things, and although various positions I hold in themselves are not unorthodox/are held by certain denominations, I don't seem to know anyone who shares a similar overall position. Maybe it's just because I don't know many people or don't know enough about various denominations, I'm not sure, but I seem to have a rather unique overall view. And some other positions, I'm not sure what to think about them. For example, after talking to Athanasius, I can see much merit in praying 'to' the saints (well, it's not really to the saints, but I'll call it that because then people will know (some)what I mean), but I'm not sure if I necessarily agree with the practice or not. Why must things be so confusing at times?

I had this thought about how amazingly easier things would be if Christ had said "There is/isn't Purgatory, you shall/shall not pray 'to' the saints, you shall be a pre/a/postmillennialist, the Rapture will be pre/mid/post-Tribulation, we are currently at point-x in Daniel's Seventy Weeks, you shall/shall not only read the King James Version, bla bla bla", but then I realised that people would still twist it and we'd have even more ridiculous debate. It would be a case of "Christ says that Purgatory is real in Mark 23:15" "But hang on, He didn't really mean that. What He meant was ..." and it would simply be stupid.

Why can't life be simple? Why can't it be easy? "Life wasn't meant to be easy", but WHY CAN'T IT BE? WHY? That's what I want to know. What is so heinously wrong with cruising through life, everything being clear-cut and simple, and all people kind, caring, and thoughtful? Sure, humans aren't perfect, but why must things be so freaking hard? Good Zooropa, I hate things with the passion of ten thousand spoons at times. (Note: at this point, I am having some strange delusion that goes something like "If I were at a U2 concert right now, everything would be perfect")

YES, YES, RIGHT THERE, I just found the quote to sum things up: 'I never understood/Don't fuck with me' - What's The Frequency Kenneth? by REM. THAT IS ABSO-BLOODY-LUTELY IT! I don't understand why, and it's quite simple: don't fuck with me. I'm sick of people trying to agitate, annoy, and piss me off. If I tell you to go away, BLOODY WELL GO AWAY. If I tell you to shut up, SHUT THE POPMART UP. If I tell you to leave me alone, LEAVE ME THE MACPHISTO ALONE. Good Zooropa, don't people get it? At school on Thursday, people in the library were bugging me, they could tell it pissed me off something fierce, and they kept on doing it, so much so that eventually the librarian had to come and tell everyone to stop it and to ignore me. Sometimes I just wish people would leave me alone. How fucking hard can it be? Don't read my computer screen, don't watch me as I do stuff, don't talk to me when I tell you to be quiet because I'm busy, don't criticise the website I'm on, don't keep talking when I tell you to shut up, SIMPLY DO NOT PISS ME OFF. I would be perfectly happy if left to my own devices and left to choose the people I actually want to hang around me. Unfortunately, most of the people whom I want to hang around live over-freaking-seas and I hate it. The one thing I hate about ever going to YTF is that I met so many wonderful people that live too far away (Yes, it's like how I hate U2 because they haven't released enough CDs).

On a completely different note now - my mind is randomly flicking from topic to topic - Sam's experiences with going up to the Air Force has prompted me to investigate joining the Air Force either as a chaplain or a lawyer. But nothing remotely certain, yet. I'm very confused as to what I want to do when I leave school. I hate it that most of my friends know what they'll do but I don't. Sam's going to be an armaments engineer (in his words, he'll be "designing new ways to blow stuff up"), Patrick is going to be a helicopter pilot in the Army (the guy loves anything that flies and a pilot is the perfect job for him), Jamie is going to be a teacher, Burns is going to be a chef, Tom is going to be something I have forgotten, Sean will probably be a computer programmer, but me? What will I be? I don't know, and I hate it, because I like, love, want, and NEED order. I need to know where I'm going, and the why, how, what, and who of it. I want to know now. Maybe I should just settle back, enjoy the ride, and see where it takes me, but that's not what I like doing. Not at all. Sitting back and seeing where I end up is not suited to me, because I like to be in control, knowing everything and why it's happening. That is one reason why I hated science, because I didn't know everything about it. I hate being taught stuff in maths if it's not fully explained, because I don't know everything about it. I'm one of these people who needs to know exactly how and why something happens. No use just throwing a mathematical formula at me, because then, sooner or later, I'll get annoyed because I don't fully understand why something happens. To be honest, this doesn't always bother me, not always but still sometimes.

Sheesh, I think this is rather long, but I needed a good vent, a good rant. I see that they have released pictures of the bodies of Uday and Qusay Hussein - which aren't exactly the most appetising of pictures - and I find it amusing that people are saying the USA is being hypocritical by putting these pictures on TV but blasting Iraq for showing pictures of dead US soldiers. I think it's a completely different situation. Whereas Iraq did not need to parade about these pictures of dead soldiers and celebrate about it, we need to PROVE that Uday and Qusay are dead. No good saying we've just killed them, the Iraqi people aren't going to believe it until they see it. That's why we had to show the pictures. Plus, it's nice to see these bastards are dead. Should I be celebrating their deaths? Should I be happy these murderous, blood-thirsty, terrible men have finally been killed? I don't think death is something to be celebrated, but it is good that they are gone, unable to ruin the lives of any more people. It's a quandary.

Alright, I'll leave it here.
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