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Well, today was a nice and productive day. I visited UQ to submit a scholarship application and have my student ID card made, and although I've visited UQ before, this time I went to a part of the campus I'd never previously visited. My goodness, the place is huge! It feels like it might as well be its own town. I'm kind of daunted by the size, but I'm sure everything will be OK once I've got my bearings. Orientation Week begins next week - I can't believe how soon all of this is! A few months ago, university felt miles away; even a month ago, with the necessity of acquiring accommodation looming large, university still felt distant. But suddenly it's next week, and I'm very excited. Classes themselves begin the week after next.

Somewhat confusingly, I received a pamphlet claiming that Shihad will be appearing at a concert at the end of orientation week, but I can't actually find any confirmation - or even mention - of this on Shihad's website or anywhere else online. Not that it particularly matters as I wouldn't be able to afford to go anyway. I kind of hope they aren't playing, because if they are, I may find myself spending the money even though I really don't have it available to spend.

I believe my flatmate is planning on moving in tomorrow. That'll be good - interesting, as I've never really tried living with anyone new before, but good because I'm already becoming not particularly keen on taking on all household tasks! Cooking's turning out to be an easier and more enjoyable task than I expected, though the resulting dishes are a pain in the neck.

Also, I'm quite disappointed that Sri Lanka did not take out the cricket tri-series. I thought they had a real chance after winning the first final, but the last two games were horrid. Ah well. Rugby season's beginning in any case, and I rank rugby above cricket in terms of importance. I'm thoroughly delighted to say the Wellington Hurricanes stomped all over our traditional foe, the Auckland Blues. Sure, they led 16-3 at halftime, but come fulltime, the score was 37-19 to the 'Canes. Or in other words, we piled on 34 points during the second half, with Auckland managing just a feeble three in reply. And Auckland was the home team! I certainly never expected this - in fact, in Virtual Super 12, I picked the Hurricanes to lose. I just hope this good start establishes some momentum.

And that's all for now. Have a good one, folks.
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