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The events that took place around midday my time yesterday deserve some comment. They are the re-union of Split Enz and President Bush's State Of The Union speech, and I will address them in the order in which they happened.

Firstly, rumours have been circulating for a few months now, and yesterday, it was confirmed: arguably the most unique, original, and creative band to come out of New Zealand has reformed. Split Enz broke up in the mid-eighties (though this ultimately resulted in the creation of Crowded House), and the re-union will involve the True Colours line-up. In other words, both Finn brothers, Eddie Rayner, Noel Crombie, Nigel Griggs, and Malcolm Green. I'm delighted to see both Neil and Tim Finn are involved. The schedule:

7 June - Brisbane Entertainment Centre
9 June - Sydney Entertainment Centre
11 June - Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne
13 June - Adelaide Entertainment Centre
16 June - Burswood Dome, Perth

I'm surprised it seems so short, but I'm not complaining - opening night is in Brisbane! At least that means there's no possible way I can discover the setlist beforehand without some kind of rehearsal access. Tickets go on sale on 22 February and I'm certainly going to make every effort I can to attend. I never ever thought I'd have the opportunity to see the Enz, so I won't be missing this.

Now, onto the State Of The Union. I listened in via audio broadcast on C-Span's website, and I'm sure my opinion of Bush's speech goes without saying. What really got me was the horrid Democrat response, which went out of its way to either agree with the Republicans or ask for unity with the Republicans. No independent stance, no firm leadership, no distinct and separate position, no blazing a separate trial! It was one of the most uninspiring speeches I've heard a politician give. I've said it already to a few people, and I'll say it here: right now, US politics seems to be essentially Republican versus Wishy-washy Uninspiring "I Can't Believe It's Not The Republican Party!" The Democrats at least need some solid leadership and to take a clear line. The unbelieveable part is how they have the material to rip Bush a few thousand new arseholes, and yet he continues to survive with just the one he was born with. The Democrats have been handed so many perfect opportunities on a platter and failed to capitalise on them. Who are they afraid of offending by saying what needs to be said and cutting Bush and Co. down to size? Conservatives who'd never vote Democrat anyway? Both of the major US political parties are recipients of my contempt, as are the major - and minor - parties here.

Well, in any case, this is the last post I make from home. It's my last night tonight and I move out tomorrow morning. I'm feeling excited right now. I've got some last minute packing to do, and I hope everything goes nice and smoothly tomorrow. For a few days, I'll be joining those of you afflicted with dialup, but the current estimated date for my DSL connection to be established at the new address is delightfully ahead of schedule and I hope I have that back soon.

For now, I think I'm off to eat dinner and watch Blackadder. Have a good one, folks!
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