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Well, I move this coming Friday. This is my last weekend at home. It kind of doesn't seem real just yet, that I'm leaving home so soon. It's something I usually saw as this big event in the future, but now it's here and everything's very matter-of-fact. I'm quite excited, really. Nervous, of course, and I keep having to be told not to worry about money, but it's going to be excellent to have my own place. Not the least of the advantages is the fact I won't have to put up with annoying people in my house like two certain stepbrothers or unexpected visitors.

In other news ... there isn't a whole lot, really. I've been working a lot on Wikipedia, including writing articles about New Zealand towns I've never actually visited. That's quite an amusing thing to do. Maybe I should write about my hometown instead! But at least it has an article already, unlike some of these other poor towns. Right now, I'm kind of tempted to find a town in an obscure country for which no Wikipedia article presently exists, research basic facts about it online, and write a brief article on it. That is the kind of thing that would appeal to my generorky sense of humour.

The cricket tomorrow should be good, and I can't believe the Super 14 rugby is nearly upon us. I shouldn't even be THINKING about rugby in January. It's mid-summer! Rugby's a winter sport and I shouldn't be discussing it until AT LEAST March. At the rate things are going now, rugby's becoming a year-round sport, not that I'm complaining. The more rugby, the better, you know? Well, as long as it's good rugby. One thing I'd like to see - in both cricket and rugby - is for more nations to be brought up to a competitive international level. I mean, at the moment, no-one can compete with New Zealand and South Africa, and even South Africa is only competitive against New Zealand when playing in South Africa. New Zealand could field two separate teams right now and there is no doubt in my mind that they would be ranked #1 and #2 in the world. As much as I relish this, the disparity in the rugby world has to be corrected: below NZ, you have another 6-8 teams of varying levels of competitiveness, but then it all just slips away. For example, the USA is #14 in the world, and yet for every point they've scored against New Zealand, NZ has scored almost ELEVEN in return (NZ has scored 97 against the USA while the USA has scored a meagre 9 against NZ). It gets even worse when you look at NZ vs Tonga stats: NZ has scored 238 points to Tonga's 16, or almost 15 points for every Tongan point. And I think of Tonga as a rugby country!

I often feel a bit concerned when I look at how soccer is played competitively at the highest levels by stacks of countries worldwide, and I wish rugby could be the same way. Then I comfort myself by noting the fact baseball and gridiron aren't even international sports. Though there's a reason for that, and I'll leave that reason implied because anyone who knows me at all knows I think incredibly lowly of those two so-called sports. And even if they aren't as global as they could be, rugby and cricket are the only two sports that truly matter anyway if you want the height of talent (not to mention entertainment) and New Zealand is indisputably the greatest rugby country in history, and while we aren't totally outstanding cricket in general, we've produced some of the world's best players and when we really turn it on, we can beat anyone we like, as Australia learnt not so long ago.
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