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Hypocrisy comes out to play.

I love watching political hypocrites expose their hypocrisy for everyone to see. In case you haven't heard, Hamas has won the democratic elections for the Palestinian Legislative Council, the legislature of the Palestinian National Authority. It seems that the same people who before the election were merrily chanting the usual line of "let's spread democracy to everyone [whether they like it or not]!" are now horrified and refuse to acknowledge the victory. Some politicians have even hinted that they won't recognise the Hamas government. Now, I'm not particularly thrilled about Hamas's victory, but let's be consistent here, folks. If you are going to claim to support the spread of democracy, then you have to handle outcomes that you don't exactly find agreeable.

It's not democracy if only the people you like and support are allowed to win.
Tags: democracy, hypocrisy, israel, palestine, politics
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