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Well, not only do I now have my own unit and a flatmate, but the telephone and power are on and I'm moving the first load of my stuff up tomorrow. Basically, it's just whatever we could cram in the car that I won't need to use in the next week or two. I hope to live in Brisbane within a fortnight's time, though we're currently trying to work out how to get a bed and a couch up there without hiring professional removalists - or in other words, trying to find someone with a big vehicle. Life has suddenly gained a new and serious feeling. I'm not quite sure whether to be scared or excited. I'm optimistic though; this year, Brisbane and establishing my ability to live by myself, and then next year, down to Melbourne. In my wildest dreams, there is a move back home to the Kapiti Coast involved somewhere in the upcoming ten years. My wildest dreams, unfortunately, rarely come to pass.

On a completely different topic, I would like to remark on how sensational the current cricket tri-series is between Australia, Sri Lanka, and South Africa. I think all of the countries have both beaten and lost to each other now, and if the series continues like this, it's going to become very intense. I love watching Muttiah Muralitharan bowl, and I can't say I'm opposed to watching Australia lose either. There was this one excellent tri-series a few years ago in Australia, and instead of the hosts making the final, South Africa and New Zealand did! I honestly think I'd enjoy this year's final more if it were Sri Lanka versus South Africa, though South Africa aren't going to make it if they don't learn to bat like it's a one day match. In the games they have won, they've been significantly helped by batsmen who've gone nuts at the end. No thanks at all to their openers who seem to think they're playing tests in fancy, colourful uniforms and that a run rate of 3-4 an over is quite acceptable.

To jump to yet another topic, I fear Wikipedia's sucking me in. Then again, I find a neat thrill in writing about trains, even if only a few people are even aware of the existness of the particular trains I'm writing about, and even less actually care. But I'm of the opinion that all historical records are important so I don't consider my effort wasted or my work useless.
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