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purplicious has convinced me to write this entry. I initially erased an entry about today as I considered it horrifically boring and mundane, but according to Kate, some people will actually care to read about my birthday. Yes, because everyone enjoys thoroughly unexciting entries about days without any events of major significance, not to mention lists of presents!

If this entry in any way interests you, I think you are a very strange person. Then again, odds are that I already think you're very strange. I think I am very strange. In fact, I know that. But that isn't the point.

The point is that my birthday was extremely satisfactory.

Just like last year - and though I don't actually remember, presumably at least the last couple of years before that - I protested that the last thing I wanted on my birthday was fuss, though I'd learnt that I had a special surprise coming around in the afternoon that Mum said would make me laugh. So as with any other ordinary day, I woke up typically early to enjoy the morning's calm and peace, though I had a bit of a spring in my step as I will no longer be a teenager in a year, hallelujah. I set myself up in front of my computer as normal, and of course, what did I do? I generorked it up on Wikipedia, though instead of reading, I just read this morning. Everything from progressive rock bands that sounded interesting through to how much of a nutcase Fred Phelps is. Around this point in time, I opened some presents, which included money, books from Kate (Saint Augustine's Confessions, an autobiography of a steam locomotive driver, and a book on Danish that stems from an inside joke), and the 'new' Wellington Hurricanes jersey for the Super 14. I say 'new' because it's the same as last year's Super 12 jersey, just with the Super 14 logo. It's this incredibly bright shade of yellow - my mother refused to let me paint my bedroom in an indentical bright shade when I was little, though I eventually managed to get her to approve a shade brighter than she was initially going to allow! When I spoke to my father on the phone, I amused him when I remarked: "you know those flourescent safety vests that people working near railways wear? This Hurricanes shirt is bright enough that you could just wear it instead!"

Early in the afternoon, aaron_3521 and Jamie showed up and we had a very nice afternoon playing pool and snooker, watching Sri Lanka play South Africa in the cricket, and of course, watching Fawlty Towers videos, specifically the episodes Communication Problems and The Germans. The former contains one of my favourite comedy scenes, the famous "you can see the sea" scene. And what really needs to be said about The Germans beyond that it is quite possibly the single greatest episode of any comedy show ever made? It may not have my favourite scene, but it never drops the level of humour, and of course, it spawned "don't mention the war!" While we were enjoying watching television, my grandmother arrived with the special surprise organised by my mother - a stash of food from my favourite bakery. Put it this way: my mother's guaranteed that I'm not about to starve! I did indeed laugh like Mum said I would (of all the surprises it could have been, what a random one!), and then proceeded to eat.

After Aaron and Jamie left, some of my family members came around, and not only did I get more money, but I also got some useful items for when I move up to Brisbane. Speaking of that, I now have a flatmate who seems very nice and I should be quite happy. But back to today - I also picked up more money off the relatives, which means I should be able to afford my trip to New Zealand now! We sat down to a dinner of my favourite, lasagne, and of course, what Fawlty Towers episode was on? The third in my Holy Trinity of episodes, the one that we didn't watch earlier, Gourmet Night! We're talking the episode with the single greatest scene ever made for television, where Basil's car breaks down and he proceeds to first scream hysterically at it before beating it with a tree branch. Following Fawlty was another British comedy, My Family, and I couldn't help but be amused by the irony: not only was it the birthday of the family's father in this episode, but he insisted that he did not want any fuss, in much the same manner as I did. Except his family took "no fuss" to mean "no presents", while mine thankfully did not!

To conclude the day, I enjoyed some nice chocolate fudge followed by good wine, and then I came back here and went on Interference and then LJ and wrote this entry. Yay! You're finished reading now!
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