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I'd just like to say that it's annoying when I start to hope in something that could be quite plausibly happening and would make me thoroughly happy if it did happen, but most certainly is not happening and won't happen any time soon.

On a totally different topic, I hadn't been to a major shopping centre in a considerable time until I headed down to pick up a U2 ticket earlier this week, and it really struck me just how amazingly conformist society actually is. I swear, you could've fooled me into believing nine out of every ten girls were clones of each other, just with slight variances in hair colour to tell each one apart. The guys weren't doing much better either, though at least they'd figured out how to vary the colours of their pants. I just don't get society.

At uni, it's going to be weird to be regularly surrounded by lots of people. I've quite deliberately had minimal contact with people for the last year, and it's been delightful. Keeping company just with people I actually like and appreciate is excellent. It's a shame I can't enforce this lifestyle on university and learn with just a small group of people that I like!

Now to go read about Martin Luther. I'm currently devouring an excellent biography about him.

(Also, I say 'just' way too much!)
Tags: books, conformity, hope, martin luther, people, society, university

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