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I am now the proud owner of a very nice unit that I can't afford, though I'm under orders to stop worrying about money. As long as I find a flatmate pretty quickly and get a job, I'll be quite alright. At least owning the place means I can be selective and choose a flatmate who I'll actually like - or even better, maybe someone I know will want to move up to Brisbane.

I really cannot wait to go to university. It seems so tremendously exciting right now, and it's only a little over a month away. I'm sure that in a couple of months, I'll probably be complaining about all the work, but right now, I'm relishing the chance to learn, especially as I'm passionate about what I will be studying. This last year has been quite an experience, and I've realised a lot of things - university is certainly going to be good for me, I know that. I hope I can return to debating and my third speaker duties. There's nothing quite like a good debate. I suppose I'm the direct opposite of most people: I absolutely love public speaking, especially if it's a debate, but informal social interaction with people I don't know is definitely not for me. I've never really understood the widespread fear of public speaking as it's so enjoyable to me, but then again, I suppose a lot of people don't quite understand why I'd rather just retreat into a circle of people I know well and avoid all the people I don't know and have no particularly good reason to know.

Now to go write about trains on Wikipedia like the generork I am!
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