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Four seasons in one day.

As a follow-up to yesterday's rather disgruntled weather post ...

An Evaluation Of The Seasons
(As observed over eight years in Hell south-east Queensland)

Also known as: Bloody Sweltering Nightmare
Duration: December, January, February
Conditions: Obscenely hot, far beyond what's necessary, especially on Christmas when the temperature should be around 25 degrees (whether that's Celsius or Fahrenheit should be determined by what season you associate with Christmas). Sometimes needlessly humid and plagued by storms that no-one wants. Especially not my poor old modem.
Rating out of 10: 0

Also known as: After Summer
Duration: March, April, May
Conditions: The earlier parts can be too warm but usually the temperature is agreeable enough. However, I thought autumn was meant to involve the leaves turning shades of yellow, orange, and red and falling off the trees. It seems Queensland has one major fetish for everything evergreen.
Rating out of 10: 6

Also known as: Slightly Cooler Than Summer
Duration: June, July, August
Conditions: If there's one problem with a Queensland winter, it's that it's not a winter at all. It's more what the second half of autumn should be, with temperatures dropping into single figures Celsius. It has no bitterly cold southerlies off the Antarctic, no driving rain, and definitely no snow as the temperature isn't aware it can actually fall into negative figures. I remember an assignment I once did in German where I spoke about the weather in July and I said that it's "often cold and rains a lot", which my teacher questioned, as winter is usually pretty sunny in these parts. The rain comes during the summer storms and I was just thinking of a Wellingtonian winter. I kept my original text simply because it sounded better. I love a good Wellingtonian winter with an icy southerly breeze off the Antarctic to chill you to the bone and let you know you're alive.
Rating out of 10 on its merits: 7
Rating out of 10 as a winter: 0

Also known as: Nearly Summer Again
Duration: September, October, November
Conditions: Queensland's best season. The temperatures are often mild for the first couple of months of spring. The latter part isn't necessarily so great, but the earlier portions are delightful. Comfortable temperatures, pleasant days, refreshing breezes. I don't have much to complain about when it comes to spring, though it shouldn't merge into summer so quickly.
Rating out of 10: 8.5

With that settled, I shall now kick back and watch the radar as yet another storm approaches. Looks like this one hit some places to the northwest of me and is now dying down, though. I sure hope it stays that way. Storms are not welcome in the world of Axver if there is any need to be using electrical devices (which in the world of Axver is usually all the time).
Tags: queensland, seasons, storms, weather
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