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The last night of 2005.

If yesterday's entry did not prove it, my behaviour today proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am indeed a huge generork.

What does a normal person do on New Year's Eve? They socialise with friends or family, they play their music obnoxiously loud, they go and watch fireworks displays at midnight, and do other similar things. I, however, am not even remotely a normal person and have never claimed nor desired to be one.

So just what insane activities have I done to fill in the last night of 2005? Firstly, I posted a review of U2's concert setlists in 2005 on That's my way of acknowledging the year that was. Secondly, with my interest in trains thoroughly rekindled, I have sat here with books on New Zealand's railways spread open in front of me. Yesterday, I decided to look up information on New Zealand's railways online for two reasons: 1. to save searching through my mini-library of books on Kiwi trains, and 2. to see if the Internet contained any additional or newer information not found in my books. I honestly expected to come across such information. The opposite happened. I just cannot believe the absolute absence of information online about New Zealand's trains. I loaded up Wikipedia and discovered that even though people write about all kinds of obscure topics there, no-one had done much for New Zealand railways - despite the presence of a list of all railway lines in the country, both open and closed, there were only about five actual articles. So that's why I have come to have books on New Zealand's railway history scattered across my desk. This evening, I have completed articles on the Tapanui Branch and Waikaka Branch ... and found myself often distracted by the really cool stuff in my books. Trains are so awesome, I hope you know that.

So that's how 2005 has concluded for me; the re-appearance of my railway fanaticism. 2005 has been good to me, or at least six weeks of it were. I've seen U2 live three times and acquired tickets to five more concerts; I've travelled to another hemisphere and been over 10,000 kilometres away from home; and I had the six happiest weeks of my life thus far with purplicious and the other Franklin folk. I'd like to wish every person reading this entry a great 2006, and I personally hope that the year passes me by quickly. An escape from Queensland in 2007 looms gloriously on the horizon. In less than fifteen minutes, I'll be able to say "I'll be out of here next year". Oh, and 2006, I really do hope you include me witnessing One Tree Hill played live in full by U2. I'd appreciate that a lot, thanks.

Have a good one folks. Happy New Year!
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