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An update on my health for anyone who cares

Alright, I'm feeling better tonight than I have in days. All day my condition has changed quite a bit. During morning tea, I felt quite good, but, by German (50 minutes later), I was extremely ill, and my throat was so bad I could only speak in croaks at one point. I know I'll probably be worse tomorrow morning than I am now, because every morning this week when I've woken up, I've felt like crap. Today wasn't the best of days, and I had to force myself through at points, although by the afternoon I was capable of thinking for a change (just the right time, too, seeing my last lesson was Maths C, the most thinking-intensive class you can do - seriously, some of this maths is very hard).

On another front, I think I need new glasses. My eyes have been quite sore and/or tired lately, and I don't think it's just because I'm ill. I believe I'm getting my eyesight tested in August, though, so that's good. Not too long to wait.

Right, now I'm off to bed. It's past 11 and I need my sleep.
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