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Boxing Day really should be renamed Cricket And Post-Christmas Sales Day, because those are its only two reasons for even existing, as far as I see it.

Though now I'm starting to reflect on what happened this day a year ago. How quickly the world forgets. Once the media frenzy dies down and something new comes along, we just change our focus, even though the people affected by the initial event are still in a desperate situation and certainly not ready to be ignored.

If you aren't sure, I am of course referring to the Boxing Day tsunami that devastated multiple nations across Asia and even affected Africa. What a horrific day that was, even for those of us sitting in our comfortable homes, watching footage on TV. The images on the news were truly some of the most terrible that I've seen in my life.

Christmas for me is tied with tragedy, whether it's Tangiwai or the Boxing Day tsunami or the images of fatal car crashes on Christmas Eve that upset me so much when I was little. It shouldn't be that way at all. It's rather hard to have innocent, untarnished joy, it seems.
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