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Ah, Christmas, O Bringer Of Stress, how I love you.

Ever felt that "I'm so doomed" feeling about Christmas presents? If you have, you have a general idea of where I am right now.

I've found myself stuck for what to get for one person: my mother. You'd really think that I'd have some clue of what to do as she's my mother for goodness' sakes, but I am Axver, Mr Hopeless At Presents himself. It's really quite a miracle that I haven't felt this feeling of doom about anyone else. I'm unlikely to be able to go out over the next couple of days (remember: I can't drive and don't live in the world's handiest spot), and I'd rather not brave Christmas shopping crowds anyway, so I need some kind of idea that I can make and do at home, preferably on the computer and preferably not involving colour printing. For her birthday, I e-mailed Mum a huge collection of captioned photos from my US trip and she loved it, it was one of the best presents I've given her. Now I'm starting to wish I hadn't used all the photos in one go.

Anyone out there got any brilliant ideas? I'd hate to resort to my Last Back-up Plan of giving her recordings of two of the U2 concerts I saw in Boston.
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