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A tremendously random time zone post.

Tomorrow is the longest day of the year here. The sun will rise at some ridiculously early time like 4:43am and set at 6:42pm. See, this is what you get when you don't have daylight saving. Now, I'm not opposed to the lack of daylight saving - in fact, I rather like not having to change watches and all that hoopla - but it does create this silly situation where I wake up at 6am and it feels like mid-bloody-morning already. Another positive of the lack of daylight saving is the hilarious arguments people make against instituting it: my favourite comes from some farming groups who said that daylight saving "will confuse the cows". That one provides me with a good measure of amusement. When was the last time you saw a cow wearing a watch?

Having lived in Queensland for so long now, I'm entirely unused to it being light at 7pm or later. Sure, I grew up with it light well past that time in New Zealand, but it's very easy to get used to the timezone you're in. When I went to the US earlier this year, I was absolutely amazed at how light it was so late, and in June, no less! After all, 21 June is the shortest day of the year, at least to my Southern Hemisphere way of thinking. Even in December, though, it would've felt so strange for it to be light at such times. However, when I returned home, I found it hard to adjust to it getting dark so soon. Travelling from summer to winter certainly didn't help matters of course, and when darkness set in before 5pm, it added to the depression of being home, to be honest. It's nice having the sun set now around 6:30pm.

Interesting time-related fact: New Zealand was the first country to introduce a national standard time. Incidentally, the standard time then was not the same as today: in 1868, it was +1130 GMT, but during World War II, New Zealand moved forward permanently to +1200 GMT.
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