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A creative drought.

I suppose some of you may be wondering whatever happened to Axver's Political Series, the entries that I started with such lofty ideas as once and for all establishing and outlining my general political stance. I have decided that I don't think I will continue it until next year, when I may have sufficient knowledge to write political entries that are actually worth reading. I have indeed had such thoughts in a more general sense about my joournal but I ultimately backed away from those.

I feel rather devoid of inspiration, imagination, or passion to write about anything these days, really. It's rather pitiful, as I used to be bursting with topics and issues. Nothing ever happens in my personal life that's worth writing about, not that I find it particularly interesting to read the minute details of the day anyway (though if you are a stalker do: breakfast, 8am, Marmite on Weet-bix; lunch, 1pm, filled roll; dinner, 7:30pm, kebab and salad; spent much time reading and being bored). I personally much prefer to write about issues of importance, of religion and sport and politics, not to mention U2 and whatever other music is taking my fancy. However, I have been in a bit of a spiritual drought for a considerable length of time (and this bothers me), I find myself wallowing in a mire of ignorance and a lack of education when it comes to politics, and I generally just don't have any ideas nowadays. I sit staring at the update journal screen desiring to write, craving to write even, but I just continue to stare at a blank box with not an idea in my mind. I feel as if my creativity and passion have packed up and moved on.

Well, if you wanted honesty, if nothing else, there it is. Have a good one.
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