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Remarkably, it would be a good idea to find a decent opening act.

Well, the wonderful news doing the rounds today is that apparently Kanye West will support U2 at all the Australian and New Zealand concerts. I say 'wonderful' with so much sarcasm that I may have just used up 2006's entire Sarcasm Quota in one go. Of course, this is not confirmed, and thank goodness for that, but I fear it will be confirmed - and frankly, this makes the demented pig and his Kings Of Scheiße Leon from my three Boston shows seem not so bad after all.

Of course, I can hear the "open mind" brigade coming along right now. You know the type, the people who have jumped on the Kanye bandwagon and can't stand the thought that people out there actually have valid reasons to not enjoy his music. These are the same wonderfully "open minded" people who would likely consider Dream Theater's masterpiece A Change Of Seasons to be excessively boring, think that Liquid Tension Experiment's albums aren't good because there's no vocals, and would look down upon you if you listen to any form of metal. So frankly, I don't care for their "open minded" opinion if their "open mind" leads them to wrongly label another as closed-minded just because they rather dislike Kanye West. At the end of the day, I guess it takes one to know one.

Thankfully, because it's a stadium concert, we will likely have two openers, and I hope at least one is good. Unfortunately, this entire tour has not had any exceptional openers, though I guess The Arcade Fire would have been tolerable. The world would be a better place if the Finn Brothers opened the concerts down here. At least they'd appeal to your typical U2 fan.

Shame that the chances of all my Christmases coming at once and Porcupine Tree and Dream Theater being announced as the support acts are somewhere between zero and nil.
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