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A nice day.

Today is one of those really nice days when I feel remarkably content with the world. The weather is, for a change, not unnecessarily hot but rather quite comfortable and it all looks very pleasant outside my window; my fan is providing me with a nice cooling breeze; I'm enjoying some literature, specifically Leo Tolstoy's The Death Of Ivan Ilych; and Dream Theater's Images And Words album sounds spectacular on my headphones. I feel quite at ease and it's a nice feeling.

I suppose this is just the calm before the storm tomorrow, when tickets go on sale for the extra shows and Ticketmaster's website thoroughly melts down, but I'll enjoy it while it lasts. Calm contentment with the day is a particularly nice feeling.

I hope you're all having good days (or nights) too.

Oh yeah, and to the Franklin folk, David McCullough's biography of John Adams isn't nearly as bad as you'd like me to believe. In fact, I found it pretty interesting and I enjoyed reading it. But then again, I am the history generork, so did you really expect me to find it dull and boring? I'm looking forward not only to reading about Truman, but seeing just how loony you ultimately find me to be.
Tags: books, contentment, history, literature

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