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Making headlines today ....

Firstly, I will be home tomorrow. It's pointless going to school tomorrow; after third period, it ends, because it's the half day sports carnival, I'm still not feeling well, and two of the three classes I don't want to go to, so I'll stay home.

Secondly, I have quit Drama and switched to Study of Religion. Doing SOR means I also don't have to do Religion and Ethics, so thus I get two more study lessons a week (six now rather than four). I did really enjoy Drama and it was great fun, but now I don't enjoy it at all, and don't look forward to it, plus it's not relevant to anything I really want to do (or at least I don't think it is), and it's the subject I get the worst marks in. I can't get an A in it - barely anyone can - and if I can't get an A in a subject, it's simply not worth doing. I am sure I can get A's in SOR if I really apply myself to it. Plus, I've always wanted to do SOR. Religion interests me, both Christiaity and other religions. Tomorrow, SOR was the one subject I did want to do, but I'd rather start it next week anyhow.

My Internet connected second try tonight! I'm in awe. First try last night, second tonight. Hopefully it'll stick to connecting quickly, rather than fall back to what it has been doing. Maybe my ISP has fixed it. Well done to them, then.

The Mole starts on Sunday! It's always been one of my favourite shows, and this one looks very good ... I think it's in New Caledonia this time, which will be interesting. One series - think it was the last one - was mainly based on the Gold Coast, so that was very cool. I'm not sure, but Mum's car may've even been on screen for a brief second ... no, hang on, I think at first I thought it was hers but then realised it wasn't ... eh, I'm not sure. So yes, it's cool a show I like is coming on. And they've started playing repeats of Seinfeld again, seeing Big B(r)other has finished, so I'm happy about that. But why must it be on at the same time as Frasier repeats? Grr, I like both of those shows and I never caught most of these episodes when they were new so they don't seem to be repeats to me. Evil Channels 9 and 10.

Oh, and the Bledisloe is on this Saturday! New Zealand are favourites to beat Australia. GO THE ALL BLACKS, THE MIGHTY MIGHTY ALL BLACKS. *calms down patriotic fervour*

My new U2 stuff is very cool. And hopefully I'll be able to download some non-U2 stuff this weekend. I heard Clocks by Coldplay on the radio coming home from school today (the radio in Mum's car decided to work well for a change!), and it's not my favourite song or anything, but I liked it and I can tell it's one of those songs that will grow on me.

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