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Axver begins the quest to get U2 tickets.

So, it's that time again. Back in late January this year, Kate and I fought with the masses for tickets to see U2 in Boston and miraculously came away with General Admission tickets for both the 26th and 28th of May, despite all the horror stories of overwhelming demand and Ticketmaster woes that filled U2 fan forums. I'm hoping my luck will continue this time around.

Firstly, the good news. U2 fans, you may want to check Ticketek's page for the 2005-03-31, Sydney concert. (Also: Ticketmaster's page for the other three Aussie concerts and Ticketmaster's page for the Auckland concert.) Prices are currently only available for the Sydney show, and you may want to take a close look at them (all prices in Aussie dollars):

General Admission (Standing room): $99
A Reserve: $199
B Reserve: $130
C Reserve: $99
D Reserve: $59

Of course, the D Reserve seats will be the furthest back, but they are to my knowledge the cheapest U2 tickets anywhere in the world this tour. They cost US$43. These prices are bargains compared to what we expected and compared to what other major acts have charged - indeed, I think this is even cheaper than Coldplay! When I first saw where U2 were playing, I immediately became skeptical of their ability to achieve any sellouts (they're playing the same venue in Brisbane as they did in 1997, which didn't even successfully sell half the seats), but with these prices, every man and his casual fan dog will probably be trying to go. I get this feeling U2 not only want sellouts, but want to put on second concerts in Auckland, Melbourne, and Sydney.

Of course, this is where the bad part comes in. The demand is going to be enormous. I have it on good authority that the Ticketek website can handle around only 1,250 visitors at a time, and I've heard of Ticketmaster melting down during times of high demand too. Thankfully, no two shows go on sale at the same time on the same agency's site (in Queensland time [as they all go on sale 9am local]: Auckland, 6am, Ticketmaster [NZ site]; Sydney, 8am, Ticketmaster; Melbourne, 8am, Ticketek; Adelaide, 8:30am, Ticketmaster; Brisbane, 9am, Ticketmaster). Nonetheless, the sites will definitely be overwhelmed with the demand, so I started listening to the advice that I should try in person. Not the inner city agencies, as they'll be packed, but the quiet suburban and country outlets that will have little to no queue. I even thought of travelling across the NSW border to Tweed Heads if there's an outlet there so that I could be there when the Sydney and Melbourne tickets go on sale.

Then I looked at a calendar and realised something. Tickets go on sale on 5 December, a Monday. Not only am I unable to drive thanks to my poor vision, but every-bloody-one who could possibly drive me around will be working and unavailable to take me anywhere. So, basically, I'm stuck at home on the Internet. Forget any good advice; I'll be braving the wilds of the web with the masses no matter what. Damn. If ever there were a time I loathed my poor vision with a passion, it is now.

I'm trying to reassurre myself with the knowledge that there will be literally thousands of General Admission tickets (15,000-25,000, I'm sure) and they won't sell out in seconds. After all, Popmart Brisbane only managed to sell 17,500 tickets total! That venue should be able to hold over 50,000 people (seating and standing combined) so I'm hoping that I'm in the clear. I am also under the impression that subscribers with unused presale codes will be offered a presale, so I'm hoping that proves not only true but also very beneficial!

Going to rock concerts can't be easy, can it? Hooray for needless stress. Why don't I follow a band that isn't so wildly popular? Oh, that's right, I follow Porcupine Tree and Dream Theater and THEY NEVER COME HERE and Crowded House doesn't even exist any more.
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