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And the newspaper says, says, say it's true, it's true ...

Now this is what I call waking up to good news.

Vertigo To Continue can exclusively confirm that there will be a Vertigo//2006 tour.

Vertigo//2006 will commence in early February with stops planned in Mexico, South America, New Zealand, Australia and Japan.

Specific details will be released over the next few weeks.


Who called it about a week ago?

And they're going to New Zealand! It will have been over twelve years since their last visit by the time they arrive, and eight years for all the other locations named above. Oh, for the rumour of Auckland on 17 March to come true. U2 in the city of One Tree Hill on Saint Patrick's Day? I would never ever even consider missing that.

This won't beat Lovetown for Best U2 Tour Ever but it's sure putting up the best fight it can.
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