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It's no secret at all ...

Folks, U2 fans, Aussie U2 fans in particular, I have news for you. It's not good news; it's fantastic news! Let me put it very simply:

U2 are coming to Australia in 2006!

This is confirmed. This isn't some horseshit rumour like the dates that circulated earlier this year and toyed with our minds. U2 are absolutely and definitely coming to Australia; be watching early next week for the announcement, and the Sunday papers will likely run something. Nova Radio have already blown this but that's not where I heard it first. I believe they will be here in March. One unconfirmed rumour I have heard is that the schedule will include Perth, and I have reason to believe the tour will be indoors. Unfortunately, I've nothing on New Zealand.

This puts me in a bit of a spot as March will be my first full month of university, but frankly? University vs U2 tour? The Vertigo Tour only happens once, and U2 don't always tour here, so have a wild guess what's ranking as a far more important priority to me.

I repeat: U2 are confirmed to be coming to Australia in 2006!

I cannot quite adequately convey my total sense of excitement.
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