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My computer had gone bung.

Thank goodness, my computer and Internet woes appear to finally be over. Yesterday, I received my new modem in the mail, and the first thing that struck me was how small it is! Maybe it's not to some of you, but to me, it's definitely tiny. Here it is, sitting atop my old one.

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My very quick measurements say that they're both about 3cm high, and the old one's about 20x14cm while the new one's 13x8.5cm. Stuff just keeps getting smaller and smaller, except for TV screens.

So I plugged in the modem, it came on properly, detected both my mother and stepbrother's computers ... and thoroughly failed to acknowledge the presence of mine. Brand new modem connected to my computer via a brand new ethernet cable - considering everything else on my computer is in good working order, I could only conclude that the storm killed my ethernet network card too. This morning, I got a new one put into the computer, and guess what was picked up by the modem straight away? Yep, my computer. So the power surge a few days ago that disabled my modem managed to continue up the wire to wreck my network card. Thank goodness it didn't go any further to do more damage. And thank goodness I'm now back on DSL and don't have to use my mother's computer, which I brought into my room temporarily as she wasn't about to be using it after her operation, though she's feeling better today than yesterday.

I must say I'm not that enthused about my new modem; the presentation of data may be more detailed than my old one but it's definitely not presented as clearly. The manual suffers from an extreme lack of details, and being someone who likes a good manual in order to fully grasp the capabilities of some new software/hardware/anything else with a manual, this disappoints me but as it's from the same company who made my old modem, I expected the manual to be pretty tiny. I thought that over time, they would have improved data and usability though. Ah well, I'm just happy to have a working modem!

It will likely come as no surprise that during my time with limited Internet access, I spent a good deal of time reading. Firstly, I finished reading Fyodor Dostoyevsky's The Possessed, which, while an excellent novel, is excessively lengthy and drawn out for the first half or so. Dostoyevsky certainly offers interesting insights into certain political ideals and the Russian nation, but he was clearly never taught brevity. The ending is absolutely superb and gripping, though. Once I finished that, I picked up Schindler's List by Thomas Keneally, and I couldn't put it down. Horrifying, fascinating, brilliant, and definitely recommended reading. Oskar Schindler is definitely my kind of hero - despite his great deeds, he is all too clearly a flawed man, unlike all these glorified 'heroes' (of both fact and fiction) who are never seen to do a wrong. The sense of humanity that comes through in the book in the midst of one of history's most vile inhumanities is refreshing. An overpowering, sickening horror also comes through that leaves me speechless, shaking my head in wonder. I suppose it's only appropriate that I've chosen to follow Schindler's List with Voltaire's Candide, a satire based around a man who believes this is the "best of all possible worlds" and then proceeds to suffer tremendous calamity after tremendous calamity. I'm currently halfway through, and the satire is delightful, though I have begun to feel that Voltaire may be using some overkill to prove his point.

And that will do for today. Have a good one, folks!
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