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I love it when you miss something by just a few minutes. I've been worrying about my modem all afternoon, fearing something had gone horribly wrong as the tracking number was not on the system of the postage company and I couldn't contact the people I placed my modem order with ... but had I logged on to check my e-mails just five minutes later than I did, I would've found a nice response from the modem people correcting my tracking code, which shows that my parcel is in Brisbane and should be despatched to me soon, as in tomorrow.

Love it when that happens.

Also, the storms love us so much that apparently an even worse one than the one we just had will be rocking into town tomorrow. Have a wild guess who's going to remember to unplug all of his treasured electrical devices from the wall this time! Here's hoping this wild weather fails to materialise, though.

In other news, my mother went into hospital for some minor surgery to remove something from her stomach. I went in to visit her earlier this evening and she's doing fine, but I still can't help but feel some worry, that kind of minute and unnecessary worry that you just can't help feeling anyway. She's staying overnight tonight, but should be discharged and come home sometime tomorrow. I'm impatiently awaiting that. Tomorrow will hopefully be a good day, barring the arrival of any storms.

Have a good one, everybody!
Tags: hospital, internet, modem, storms
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