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The Power of the Lame.

khanada and I were talking on AIM earlier and sometimes I say things that astound me. Read on, dear lovers of humour.

Me: OK, I'm playing [Japan's] Suburban Berlin right now, and yeah, this is definitely heavy metal ... if you consider [U2's] Grace to be Norwegian death metal.
khanada: hahaha!!!
Me: Those Norwegians make some heavy deadly shit, let me tell you. Grace, it's a name for a girl! Morbid.
khanada: i know!
Me: But after all, that's why you're a Grace fanatic.
khanada: yeah, my secret is out.
Me: And you're infatuated with Wild Honey. My oh my, that's some heavy stuff right there.
khanada: yes! god, how do you find this stuff out? :(
Me: I ... ate your computer.
khanada: ate?? yikes
Me: Took me a lot of bites.


... yeah, that's the worst joke I've ever made.

That one needed to be recorded for the ages. Considering my lame sense of humour, I will have said something worse by this time next week month year.
Tags: humour, jokes, lame humour, recording stuff for the ages, terrible jokes
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