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Worldwide disaster, violence, news coverage, et cetera.

I remember sometime, I believe roughly two years ago, I wrote about how hard it was for me to watch the news because the sorrow and pain in the reports affected me too much. It seems the opposite is now happenning - there's simply so much tragedy in the world that I'm becoming numb to it. When the London bombings happened, I followed the news closely, waiting for updates, but since then, the horrors of the world cease to impact me. It's become horribly everyday. Bombings in Iraq, terrorism in Bali, thousands dead from an earthquake in Asia ... and all I can do is sit around criticising the (sensationalist) coverage of the mainstream media. It's true that the coverage is sometimes horrifically overblown or has a misguided focus, but I used to normally be so stunned by death and violence in any form. I don't know quite what's come over me, but I'm not comfortable with it and hope it's just a passing phase. More importantly, let us all hope for peaceful resolutions to all the conflicts worldwide - it may be an idealistic hope, but the reality we have is completely unacceptable. Sure, we couldn't have stopped natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina and the recent Asian quake, but the Darfur genocide, worldwide terrorism, and civil wars are more than just preventable. It's a sad commentary on the world when you see how so many people think violence rather than sensible and reasonable dialogue is the solution to problems.

Hasn't anyone figured out that harming and killing people just makes a problem worse? How many thousand years have humans been on this planet? Geez. We are slow learners.
Tags: humanity, media, natural disasters, society, television, terrorism, violence, war

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