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The first fire of this season.

A couple of days ago, we had a bit of excitement in the neighbourhood. I was merrily minding my own business at my computer when suddenly a few vehicles with sirens wailing went racing past, though I didn't get up and see where they were going. I figured maybe someone had a medical emergency of some sort. About 10-15 minutes later, my mother came into my room and told me to have a look outside. Well, the second I walked outside, I could hear the rather distinct sound of crackling, trees burning, and up on a nearby hill, there was smoke billowing from behind a house. Mum said that as she was driving home, you could very clearly see the flames rising, but by the time I got outside, the flames weren't visible and the firefighters had it controlled. It wasn't much of a fire, I suppose, but I'm sure it made the occupants of the couple of nearby houses rather jittery!

In any case, I grabbed the digital camera and captured the fire in its later stages.

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So that's our first fire of this season. You may remember last fire season when the hills and gully behind my place caught fire and while we didn't have to evacuate, I suffered from some asthma and the houses not far up from the road from me did have to evacuate. As much as it's nice living out of the cramped suburbia that makes up much of the Gold Coast, the threat of fire makes me nervous. If there's one thing I seriously dislike about the natural Australian weather and environment, it's the high likelihood of forest fires - either naturally or caused by idiots and encouraged by the dry conditions. Often, they're idiots with cigarettes, which is one reason of many why I detest smoking. Seriously, if you're stupid enough to throw a cigarette butt out of your car, please make sure it lands in a place where the only house it has a chance of burning down is your own. In other words, if you're going to be an idiot, make sure your idiocy doesn't affect any innocents who may cross your path.

I'm very much hoping this will be the sole fire of the season and I can spend my last months here before I go up to Brisbane in peace. At least UQ isn't sitting beside a patch of fire-prone woodland!
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