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October, and the trees are stripped bare
Of all that they wear
What do I care?

October, and kingdoms rise
And kingdoms fall
But you go on ... and on ...

- October, U2

It's October already. Three more months, and this amazing and difficult year will be over. It's been three months since I last saw Kate, and likely going to be another fifteen until I see her again. Give me four months and I'll be in university; hopefully I'll be seeing U2 again in a similar amount of months.

It's starting to warm up here - spring is signalling the imminent onset of hell summer. Time for me to question why I even live in this stupid state (seriously, is there anyone who actually likes Queensland?), though I tend to question that year-round anyway. All going according to plan, this will be my second-last summer here: let's hope these plans of relocating to university in Melbourne in 2007 actually work out. At least Victoria's a sensible place to live. In an ideal world, I'd go to university in Wellington, but this sure isn't an ideal world. At least I'll hopefully get to go back to New Zealand briefly in the first few months of next year - it's been far too long and I miss my country terribly. You simply cannot beat New Zealand for quality food or sport, and I'll actually be able to exercise some of my currently inactive vocabulary again. After a bit of a tiki tour with the whanau, it'll be nice to visit the dairy and get some choccies in my puku. Oh, and the Museum of New Zealand in Wellington? That place is love. I could spend - and have spent - a whole day in there. They say it takes six days to see everything, and whether or not that's true, there's certainly more than enough to keep a generork like me very occupied. And I can't wait to have another ride on Wellington's cable car. Maybe Dad and I will go sailing on Port Nicholson again; maybe this time I'll have a clue what I'm doing!

Well, anyway. There's a somewhat directionless ramble to kick off your October. Have a good one!
Tags: new zealand, october, queensland, u2
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