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Your local friendly Axver is back in business

Well, I'm now moving myself to messageboards other than the LBMB. I'm back in business, posting in other places. It just feels so empty and shallow, though. It's not YTF, and I don't care what other qualities it has, it is not YTF. I just feel like I'm some random visitor who's dropped by just by chance, and that, after making a few posts, I'll go back to my home at YTF. It's like me with friends: I visit them occasionally, but mainly stay home. Now it's like I have no home to go to, and I can't live at my friends because their places are just ... theirs, not mine.

I need YTF. I want it back. That place really was something special, and something I need. It was my home. Other messageboards are nice, and I like visiting them, but they're not my home, and, at the end of the day, I need my home to go, well, home to. But now I can't, and that hurts. It cuts tremendously deeply. I have no home, and, without a home, what am I but a wandering lunatic lost in the wilds of the world?

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