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And in the news today ...

OK, I normally keep my utter hatred of Harry Potter to myself (especially considering I'm outnumbered about Everyone to 2 on the friends list), but for goodness' bloody sakes, a movie preview is not deserving of being on the news, and definitely not deserving of being on one of those 15-second headline update segments they play during ad breaks! In fact, this doesn't just apply to movies I don't like: I don't care if the movie's LOTR, The Passion, or Why Axver's Right About Everything, a simple preview is not even remotely newsworthy. I don't care how insanely popular (re: over-hyped) a fandom is, there's just no excuse for giving something as mundane as a movie preview time on the news while racially-motivated rape and murder in Darfur and child starvation in Niger are thoroughly ignored. Now, if something important relating to the fandom has happened - actor died in mysterious circumstances, box office record was smashed, a street fight broke out between supporters of rival fandoms - then chuck it on the news. But quite frankly, I don't give a flying blue walrus about a preview, and even if you do, I am failing to see any justification for giving it headline or even newsworthy status, unless you're running an entertainment rag. I suppose it's just a ploy to gain viewers and boost ratings, which in my opinion is not what the news is about. I'll take my facts with a side of importance and a glass of relevancy, thanks.

In other, uh, news, 90km/h winds are predicted for tonight (for you Americans, that's not even 60mph). Now, while that seems rather pansytastic compared to some winds I experienced in Windington Wellington - and is, if I remember correctly, 30km/h short of gale force - it has become a source of concern for me. Why? Because after previous bad experiences, I have entirely no trust in the stability of the electrical network or in the ability of Energex to timely rectify any outage. Now, I don't know about you, but I am generorky enough to have a U2 setlist party to attend tomorrow, and anything that dares threaten my electrical and Internet connections is worthy of concern. You really do know you're a generork when you look forward to online setlist parties. Or when you make the icon I'm using with this entry.
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