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On racial divides.

Society is rather good at making a huge issue out of nothing, though I don't suppose any of you are ignorant of that fact. The one bothering me at the moment is the entire fuss and hoopla created about race: sure, major improvements have been made in regards to racism and racial discrimination, but there continues to be lines drawn establishing boundaries between races. Often, this is done under the guise of political correctness and results in advantages being given to people of certain ethnicities.

Now, I don't know about you, but personally, I couldn't care less what a person's skin colour is. I don't see why it is an issue at all - no-one chooses the colour of their skin, unless they're Michael Jackson they can't really change it, and ultimately, it's a complete irrelevancy. What I would love to see occur - but hold no hopes of ever actually coming to pass - is society treating each person as an individual with their own unique characteristics: looking beyond superficial traits such as skin colour to know a person for who they actually are, with abilities, flaws, ambitions, knowledge, and experience. Treat people equally, treat them as individuals, not just as a Maori or an Asian or a Caucasian or what-have-you.

I don't believe in special benefits and advantages being given to people of minority races, such as special university placement. Accept people to uni based on their merits, not on their race! Every position should be open to every applicant who fulfills the course prerequisites, and the best applicants should be accepted to those positions. No exceptions. No inclusions just because someone happens to have African or Islander rather than European heritage. I accept that some races in society (though typically different races in different countries) constitute a disproportionate amount of the population victim to poverty, lack of education, poor living conditions, etc. However, what I do not accept is that giving these people specific benefits and advantages (especially those that come at the expense of other races) is the proper way to tackle these issues. Address the causes of the poor conditions themselves and channel energy into working with the community to improve the lot of everyone. I think real hands-on work would be much more productive than racially-specific benefits.

At the end of the day, be proud of your heritage if you want to be, and your heritage obviously includes your race and its culture. But please don't assess people on the basis of their race; don't even think about what colour their skin is and instead treat them as the individual they are. Ultimately, we are one race, the human race: can we please act with unity rather than using such superficialities as skin colour to draw divisions and boundaries?
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