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For your listening pleasure ...

Yes, it's a post of free music! Why am I posting free music?

1. To make up for the horror of my atrocious singing on Exit, here's some good stuff.
2. When I made my post praising Kiwi music, MP3s were requested. Well, as promised, here they are!
3. I was tagged for that "post 7 songs you're currently into" meme by someone a while back, so this is pretty much my response. I don't do memes, but I can sure post songs I'm enjoying currently! And why stop at seven?
4. Just for your general listening pleasure, because music's good.

On account of #2, I have split this into Kiwi music and music from anywhere else, with the Kiwi music today and the other music tomorrow (and maybe some more Kiwi stuff in there if I have the time and inclination). I have taken the liberty of considering Crowded House to be a Kiwi band despite the argument between New Zealand and Australia - Neil Finn, the lead singer, is a Kiwi so that's good enough for me. On account of #3, some songs will be classics by the band in question, while others will be my personal favourites, and I'm too lazy to offer a distinction (especially because classics and favourites overlap sometimes!).

Some of the songs are in MP3 format, some are in M4A. Whatever program you use to play music should have no trouble with MP3, but M4A is the iTunes format and may not work on other players. M4A does work on my WinAmp 5, but I honestly don't remember if I once downloaded a plugin to allow such files to play. If you don't use iTunes and haven't tried an M4A file before, you might just want to download one and see if it works on your player of choice.

Enough waffling, here's the music!

Kiwi music!

The Chills revolve around the musical genius of lead singer Martin Phillipps, and their astounding turnover rate of other band members has probably harmed their commercial success. They were one of the bands of the 'Dunedin Sound' in the late eighties but still record today.

Heavenly Pop Hit (MP3)
The Male Monster From The Id (MP3)
Pink Frost (MP3)

More goodness from the music scene that emerged in Dunedin. The Bats are actually from Christchurch but have ties to Dunedin and are grouped with the Dunedin Sound.
The Bats - North By North (MP3)
The Bats - Out Of Bounds (MP3)
The Clean - Getting Older (MP3)
Straitjacket Fits - Down In Splendour (M4A)
Straitjacket Fits - She Speeds (MP3)

Crowded House are the most successful band to come from New Zealand, with Don't Dream It's Over hitting #2 on the US charts in 1987. This is one of the acts I'm uploading today that has been touched by the divine hand of Finn: Neil Finn was the lead singer and for a brief period, older brother Tim was in the band. Their melodic rock is simply beautiful, and the music world became an emptier place when Crowded House called it a day with their final concert in 1996. May drummer Paul Hester, who committed suicide earlier this year, rest in peace.

I Feel Possessed (MP3)
Kare Kare (M4A)
Mean To Me (MP3)
Recurring Dream (MP3)
When You Come (MP3)
(There is so much more I would love to upload, but I'll hold myself to five songs - guess I'll be doing another one of these posts soon!)

The Feelers are a currently active band that hail from Christchurch. I don't really know a whole lot about them, but I enjoy their music!

Labyrinth (MP3)

You'll never guess who's behind this music. If you thought Neil and Tim Finn, you are, astoundingly enough, correct. The two Finns have made a couple of albums together; these two songs come from their most recent, Everyone Is Here.

Won't Give In (M4A)
Part Of Me, Part Of You (M4A)

Neil has had a successful solo career, producing some beautiful music, and these two songs are from his album Try Whistling This.

Last One Standing (M4A)
Sinner (M4A)

Arguably the best active Kiwi band at the moment, Shihad changed their name after 11 September 2001 to Pacifier due to the similarity between Shihad and 'jihad'. The band later decided this decision was wrong and have reverted back to Shihad. A language warning is appropriate here. If you have a problem with "I'm not fucking alright, I'm semi-normal!" or "all the SICK FUCKS being born to kill", then don't download these songs. Your loss, though.

Comfort Me (MP3)
Semi-Normal (MP3)

This was the first band Tim and Neil Finn were in - Tim as a founding member, Neil a few years later just after he finished high school. Split Enz were eccentric, famed for their live shows, and they made some awesome music. Below are my three favourite Enz songs along with one for the saps (Message To My Girl).

History Never Repeats (MP3)
I Got You (MP3)
Message To My Girl (M4A)
Six Months In A Leaky Boat (MP3)

You want music? There's definitely a lot of music there for you, and there'll be even more tomorrow! Watch out for that entry.

Download, listen, enjoy, and tell me what you think!
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