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A quote and a poll, what fun for your day!

Despite the serious background information I'm about to present, here's a great quote. In 1985, New Zealand's Prime Minister David Lange established the nation as nuclear-free; the USA was quite unhappy with this, and when it could not force its own way, it rather immaturely suspended its ANZUS Treaty obligations to New Zealand. Now, during Lange's period in office, the US Ambassador H. Monroe Browne owned a racehorse called Lacka Reason, and Lange remarked to him: "You are the only ambassador in the world to race a horse named after your country's foreign policy."

On a completely unrelated note, here's some polltastic fun! Please note: I use the term 'sport' loosely - whether or not the following four ARE in actual fact worthy of the term 'sport' is debatable.

What is the worst sport in the world? (You may select more than one.)

American football (aka gridiron)
Car racing on oval circuits
Synchronised swimming

All of the bloody above. I'd rather watch grass grow, paint dry, or Chris Martin whine about fixing a toy you.
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