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An offline entry

OK, so I'm bored, I can access this page in my history folder, and so I'm making an entry. Firstly, I would like to reiterate my plea of last night: please, people, e-mail me. I'd rather e-mail everyone on a regular basis than only occasionally talk on the weekends. I'm going to try to have as few sick days as possible this semester, because things are just too important. Some of my end-of-semester exams count towards my final result at the end of high school. So I'm going to put a fair amount of effort in and (try) to stop procrastinating as badly as I have done. This year is rather important, and I need to stop procrastinating in time for next year, which most certainly is too important to waste any of. I want to know my subjects inside out, backwards, and be able to recite them to you in my sleep in Aramaic. I may not yet know what I'm going to do at university or what I'm going to do for a living, but the better my mark, the more options that are open to me. Some of the courses at the best universities here, you need an OP 1 or 2 to get accepted (OP (Overall Position) is the final mark at the end of grade 12 in Queensland (it's different in other Aussie states), with one the best and twenty-five the worst), and I'd like to have as many options open to me as possible. I would like an OP 1 (who wouldn't?), but I'm working to get at least a 3 and I'll settle for a 5. 1 is my target, but 3 is ... my 'realistic' target. I think that makes sense ... eh, I get it, anyhow.

When I go back to school tomorrow, my best friend Sam will be returning after an absence, as well. He went to school on Monday, but on Tuesday and today, he's been at work experience, up at Amberley Air Base (yes, with the Air Force). He's going into the military when he leaves school, to be an officer, specifically working in fields such as rocketry and aeronautics (he's brilliant with stuff like this and really shone in Physics when they did a rocketry unit). Sometimes I'm not sure if going into the military is such a good move - what if he has to go to war and gets killed? - but he assures me that, considering the job he's doing, he'd never be in danger. Hmmm ... sounds familiar to stuff I've heard before, about people who've ended up wounded or killed. I don't exactly like the idea of losing my best friend. We've been close ever since the start of grade eight - I was at a new school, completely lost (my high school has a primary school part as well but I came from elsewhere, Sam came up from the primary school, so the transition to high school wasn't as bad for him), and he was the first person I met and struck up a conversation with. During grade eight, him and Ben were my closest (and only real) friends, but after Ben and I had our falling out, Sam was the only friend I had left; everyone turned on me because they all love Ben, the "perfect Christian" (or, more precisely, most people don't like him but he guilt-trips them into siding with him, and, after all, he's also the "perfect Christian"). Geez, when I think about some of the royally STUPID stuff Sam and I have done, both funny and not funny ... wow ... Heh, now I've completely lost track of what I was talking about amidst a wave of reminiscience, so, moving on to other topics ...

I've started listening to some new music - or, more precisely, old stuff I'd left behind - and I'd forgotten how good some of this stuff is (Although I need to stop comparing everything to U2!). I've heard good things about Coldplay, so, depending on how my download limit goes over the next couple of days, I'll download a song or two of theirs on the weekend (I already know I like one song of theirs ... Yellow, I think it might've been called, I just remember it being on the radio a lot some time ago, and I enjoyed it). I've rediscovered R.E.M. and Queen, and if anyone is interested in some good guitar music (it's all instrumental), try The Shadows. They were my favourite band when I was younger, and I put a cassette of theirs on earlier, and really enjoyed it. Wish I could play guitar that good. As with before, I still like Jimmy Eat World and Linkin Park (Yep, they're still my second- and third-favourite bands respectively). I put one of my Matchbox 20 CDs on (I used to be a big fan of them), and I can't say I like them as much as I used to, but they're good enough. The Living End is another band I like, particularly All Torn Down (GREAT song), and I love Kryptonite by Three Doors Down. Can anyone tell me if any of their other stuff is worthwhile?

Alright, so bands (and a musician) other than U2 that I like: Buddy Holly, Jimmy Eat World, Linkin Park, Matchbox 20, Midnight Oil, Queen, R.E.M., The Living End, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones (well, mainly Impression That I Get, but I don't find some of their other stuff like Rascal King), and The Shadows. I was also once a fan of Alien Ant Farm, but I'm not sure if I like them any more.

Bands I want to hear more of (please make recommendations as to what songs I should download) or know if their other stuff is decent: Coldplay, Evanescence, Good Charlotte, Presidents of the USA (I quite like Peaches by them), and Three Doors Down.

And some other stuff I happen to like is the theme to the movie The Great Escape, by Elmer Bernstein, and House Of The Rising Sun by The Animals.

By the way, random observation: some of the moods to choose from are rather humorous (blah? bouncy? geeky? What the Popmart?).

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