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Hypocrites, getting well, and A Celebration

Alright, this is something I've wanted to vent about for a while, but whenever I'm online I forget. OK, basically, there's this one guy who goes to my school named Ben. In grade eight, me and him were best friends, then we had a falling out, couldn't stand each other, and now we're simply civil to each other ... usually.

Anyhow, one day last week at school, me and him ended up in a debate as to whether it's OK to swear or not. He said that the Bible condemns it as a sin and that there is no appropriate context for it. I begged to differ. So we were debating it, and he brought up Ephesians 4:29;

"Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen."

He made this big spiel about only saying stuff that builds others up, nothing that tears them down, bla bla bla, and so I said "I might as well just not speak then!" And so what did he say? "Good!" WHAT A HYPOCRITE! He makes a big spiel about never tearing others down with words, and then goes and tears me down in the very next breath! Is he somehow above Ephesians 4:29?

And all this stemmed from another hypocritical situation earlier on, involving Aaron and I (and a couple of other guys nearby, but it was mainly Aaron and I). Somehow we'd gotten on to the topic of sauce, I asked Aaron if he liked BBQ sauce (I happen to LOVE BBQ sauce, by the way), he said he hated it, then I asked him "OK then, do you like tomato sauce?" He said that he didn't, so I questioned him further, and it turned out he'd never even tried tomato sauce! He reckons he doesn't like the look of it, and so he says he hates it even though he hasn't tried the stuff! How can you know if you like or dislike it if you haven't actually bloody tasted it? I thought it rather hypocritical and told him so, with a swear word thrown in. Thus the debate with Ben started.

In other news, I'm feeling a bit better. I'm probably going to school tomorrow. Heh, I'm going to force myself to go no matter how I feel, I think, because I've missed too much as it is. I've done over half of my Drama assignment, so hopefully it'll be done for Friday; I should be able to finish most of it this arvo. I hope I can, anyhow. But I am annoyed: today was the last day I could get it checked by my teacher, and he probably won't give me an extension or anything (if he gave me an extension, he'd check it on Friday and I'd fix it up over the weekend). Oh well, I don't care too much about this assignment.

And I finally got to hear A Celebration by U2! w00t! I'm very happy. This is a rare single they released in 1982 that never appears on any CD (although the live version of its B-Side, Trash, Trampoline, and the Party Girl, appears on UABRS simply titled Party Girl, and the original B-Side itself appears on the Best Of 1980-1990 B-Sides CD). So I downloaded this song today on WinMX after searching for it elsewhere for AGES, and it's not U2's best song, but I quite like it. If anyone wants it, I'm quite prepared to upload it to you via AIM.

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