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22 July shall be notable this year for two reasons:
- Pi Day! 22/7, Pi as a fraction.
- The Finn brothers live in concert! Just bought my tickets. They aren't great, but then again, I appreciate higher spots as they permit a good view. I had an awesome view of U2 and the Vertigo Tour's wonderful light show at my first concert, and whenever I go to the cricket, I always take the highest seat I can get. This should be so awesome.

I would also like to say that Dream Theater's A Change Of Seasons is easily one of the most incredible songs ever recorded. How you can make a song twenty-three minutes in length without it getting boring or dragging in any place is totally beyond me.

I don't think I have much else to say today. Have a good one, folks!
Tags: crowded house, dream theater, finn brothers, pi

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