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Life's a deceptive little bugger sometimes, you know. Just when you start to feel like you are getting better, like you can cope, it turns around and makes you feel worse than you already did. Oh, it's just so miserable to be back here. Those of you with a special someone in your lives, think of how hard it would be if you knew you couldn't see him or her for at least the next five months. Those of you with a group of close and wonderful friends who you dearly love to spend time with, think of how you'd feel if you were stuck on the opposite side of the world as those people for at least the next five months. And at the end of that five months, it's not over, you can't go on and be permanently with those people - oh no, all you get is a few weeks' reprieve before returning to the same old, same old. Oh, and the length of time will be 'only' five months if you're really lucky.

Yeah, I'm so fucking happy about it, can't you tell?
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