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So, I got an e-mail from my mother yesterday.

A couple of days ago, the Gold Coast was hit by a 1 in 100 years (some sources even say 1 in 1000 years) deluge of rain. We're talking 600mm or 23 inches of water in 27 hours; the Hinze Dam received four months' worth of rainfall in a day. The waves at the beach were at heights of 5 metres or 16 feet. From a photo I saw, it looks like my old high school has been flooded (and goodness, I thought the February 2001 floods were bad, but then, at least we had a single lane in and out!). At least, those are the details I've managed to find.

Turns out that at home, the phone line has been knocked out and won't be back until Monday. So as much as I like the rain, I'm glad I wasn't home for this. Roughly five days without the Internet would have been the cruelest form of torture. I'm just thankful we live on a hill so we weren't flooded and we're not in a position to be hit by any mudslides.

Australia's a ridiculous land of extremes: droughts broken by flash floods. I think I need to move. Actually, I've wanted to leave Australia for a couple of years as it is and I'm stuck there for another four years at least. What's new?
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