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Notes, and Tennessee Photos, Part IV!

Three things. I have, of course, put the two most of you won't care about first.

Firstly: New Zealand 21 - 3 British and Irish Lions. ROCK ON! Seems the Lions are pretty toothless at the moment; maybe they won't get that cricket score against Manawatu on the 28th.

Secondly: with the performance of Out Of Control after Vertigo at the second Dublin show, U2 set a new record - on the Vertigo Tour, they have played more different songs in the second position than on any other U2 tour. Good on you, lads.

Thirdly: a few photos!

The funny stuff first - three photos from Caroline's birthday "goin' clubbin'" party, where Kate and I dressed up thoroughly ridiculously. I would describe myself as a colourful and pimpin' leprechaun. The stars were acquired during the course of the party's hilarity.

Axver the Pimpchaun! (Although it's a bit squashed in this picture, the hat is a leprechaun hat.)
Image hosted by

Kate in her gloriously un-matching outfit.
Image hosted by

Kate and the Pimpchaun.
Image hosted by

And now three photos from our visit to the Tennessee Central Railway Museum in Nashville.

A wagon named the Spirit of Tennessee.
Image hosted by

A shunting locomotive and some wagons.
Image hosted by

A mangled UPS truck that we spotted sitting on a property beside the museum. The mail clearly wasn't getting to its destination fast one day recently.
Image hosted by

More photos to come, including the cricket, when sanna1116 uploads hers so that I can take the best from both of our cameras.

Have a good one, folks!
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