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Way to tell you are a generork (geek-nerd-dork) #1564: You spend two and a half hours in a Borders book store and feel like you have barely begun exploring the place. Yes, Kate (purplicious) and I seriously did that today. I think I could just about take a day-long excursion to a book shop.

Oh, and I must gloat. AUSTRALIA LOST TO BANGLADESH IN THE CRICKET! This news makes me feel warm inside, very warm indeed. It brings a smile to my face and lifts my mood. For those not in the know, Australia have arguably the best cricket team in the world today, whereas Bangladesh are poor, so miserably poor that this was their 10th win in 108 games. NEW ZEALAND has not lost to the Banglas! Bwahahaha! Oh, I love being a Kiwi. Don't all you Aussies wish you were Kiwis now? We haven't lost to Bangladesh, we have a better rugby team, we conquered Everest and flew first and split the atom and gave women the vote first and have had the only Jewish leader outside of Israel and have better scenery and just plain rock in every single way.

In other news, Kate is the coolest person ever. It is official.
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