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Hurrah, a collection of random photographs!

A couple of weeks ago, a group of us went to Baja Fresh for a dinnerish meetup. This happened to involve photographs ... or, in Kate's case when using my camera, multiple photographs of almost exactly the same thing. They resulted in the following fun:

Erin (penguinpete) moves!
Image hosted by

Holly (this_craziness) wiggles her nose and Susanna (sanna1116) bounces.
Image hosted by

I, however, was uncool and only took a single photograph of things.

Why does Caroline (stolidlimeberry) look like she just got out of the shower? Because ... she had. And sucks at life drying.
Image hosted by

Kate (purplicious) looks like she's seen a ghost, which may not be far from the truth as she was looking at me and I'm rather pale.
Image hosted by

A random photograph of Caroline fixing her hair, Susanna playing with rubbish, and a bit of Holly on the side.
Image hosted by

Have I ever told you lot that Kate is pure evil? Here's the proof. Look what she did to me!

Purple haired Axver.
Image hosted by

Purple haired construction worker TEH MUSSLY Axver.
Image hosted by

Yehaw! Purple haired cowboy Axver!
Image hosted by

Arrr, it's the feared Purplehair, the pirate also named Axver!
Image hosted by

And just to rub it in, Kate styled my hair.
Image hosted by

As my revenge ... a classic photo of Kate trying to be cool and failing abysmally.
Image hosted by

But, bad hair and failed coolness aside, aren't we cute?
Image hosted by

That's all ... y'all.
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