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Bruce Almighty

OK, maybe they got the facts wrong - I am God (thank you, SmarterChild (who is oh-so-reliable, yes)) not Jim Carrey - but what a hilarious movie! If you haven't seen Bruce Almighty, go and see it. It's a really good movie, especially if you need a laugh.

My Dad did call tonight ... but only AFTER I'd left for the movies. He said he'd call at 5:30 ... I didn't leave for the movies until 6:10-6:15ish! The man can't stick to a deadline, by the seems of it. He says he'll call me tomorrow. I hope he does.

Now I had something to talk about, I was thinking about it not 10 minutes ago, but now I've gone and forgotten. Grr. Always the way ...

Well, this wasn't the topic I was going to talk about, but it only took me TWENTY-FOUR attempts to get online tonight! Wow, a lot less than earlier. Still, twenty-four is hardly acceptable. I also swapped over my cables in my room, so hopefully I'll stop having those power cutouts (I'm sure my surge protector was doing it for some odd reason).

I don't know if I'm going to go to school tomorrow or not. It's my last chance to get my Drama assignment checked before I hand it in on Friday, but it's not finished anyway. The only way I'd get it finished is if I actually had the day off! Heh. So I may go, I may not. I'll decide when I wake up, I think, and considering the last two mornings, I probably won't be going! But don't hold your breath. I may force myself to go, at least for the morning, because I can't afford to miss too much.

Ah ... that's about it for now ... and that's the way the cookie crumbles.
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