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To break up the Boston/U2 entries, an update on life.

Kate's working this evening, so I've had time to catch up a bit on Interference and now write an entry. A review of my third and final U2 show and a picture post will both be coming soon, but for now, some other news and observations from my stay here.

- I think it's ironic that two of the differences between America and Australia that have stood out to me the most are things of little consequence. The first is the lack of barbecue sauce at Subway that I am yet to shut up about, and the second is the toilets. Odd little beasts these are, seeming to suck and swirl everything down. There's no rim near the top from which water spurts out to flush everything down!
- Kate and I saw Star Wars a couple of days ago, and I must say I enjoyed most of it immensely. Whoever on my friends list said Lucas can't write a love scene is right, though.
- At a Renaissance festival, I had the misfortune of being the victim of a glitter fairy. Tremendously amusing, really.
- I've bought heaps of books while I've been over here. Hurrah for cheap bookstores! This is fantastic. I've picked up eleven books thus far and I'm certainly not stopping now. I need to start on music sometime soon.
- What in the world is with schools having freakin' STADIUMS? I know of towns in New Zealand that don't have as much seating at their largest rugby field than Kate's school's got. Though that's entirely beside the point, because school sport is a pointless waste of time and I can't believe anyone would actually throw away time to watch it.
- I can't bear to watch anything related to sport on television here. My goodness, America needs to get better sports. Baseball is like golf - probably fun to play, but dead boring to watch. And I think I've made my opinion on how gridiron (American football) shouldn't even be called a sport very clear here before. Apparently it's summer here, but without cricket, it just does not feel like it. It's about the only good thing about the season - cricket and summer go hand in hand and while cricket can exist without summer, summer can't exist without cricket. Hence why I am determined to set up a game of cricket, teach those of you here how to play, and see how many people look at us funny and wonder what bizarre sport we're playing.
- Drive through banks? Just plain weird, which is neither a criticism nor a compliment.
- I'm actually noticing accents less than I thought I would, and I'm surprised that I'm yet to have anyone randomly comment on my accent. The only strangers who've made mention of it are people I've actually been talking to at length, such as folk in line at the U2 shows.
- Kate and I have rediscovered the game SimTower. My goodness, this game is so much fun. I love these simple, enjoyable little games - I'm not much of a fan of violent, first person shooter games, and as much as complex games can be praised for their intricacy, I'd rather a book than a computer game absorb my mind. I really appreciate a fun game where you can construct something in a short space of time, not get frustrated by strategy, watch what you build come to life, and walk away with a smile on your face.
- I'm getting used to driving on the wrong side of the road. In fact, besides turning left (which for me obviously does not cut across traffic but here does), I basically don't notice it any more.

Wow, I have covered quite a bit of ground here. I'm sure there's a lot more but I think I'll conclude now. I've just gone on a raid of Kate's computer, tracking down all of 'my' music that I've sent to her so that I can have a nice playlist featuring U2, Crowded House, Split Enz, Dream Theater, and so on. Oh, and I'd also like to tell everyone here in Franklin that salmiakki is actually quite nice. Context: sanna1116 likes a Finnish food called salmiakki that resembles salty licorice, and everyone else here says it's revolting. I, however, requested more after my first piece. Hooray for foreign foods! It's such a delight to have my Kiwi honey on toast for breakfast every morning. There are so many things here that bring me such joy. I'm having the grandest time, truly.
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