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Kate's at work, so I thought I would take this opportunity to update LiveJournal and let all of you know that I am still in the land of the living and having an absolutely incredible time here. I head to Boston in a couple of days and the hotel I'm staying at doesn't have public computers (you can plug a laptop into the Internet in your room, but I am rather laptopless), so I'll be away from here for a few days unless I find an Internet cafe, but you can rest assured I'll be having the time of my life. U2 rock like that. I'll be back on the 29th.

Yesterday and today were both social, yesterday in the likeable manner and today not so. Yesterday was when purplicious, cat_incarnate, penguinpete, sanna1116, and stolidlimeberry went out, bought Subway, and randomly picnicked on the edge of a park under a power pole. Why? Because we're just immensely cool like that. Though American Subways - or at least this one; I hope other ones are different - did not have barbecue sauce! That just ruins the entire Subway experience. What kind of a dismal, half-arsed Subway doesn't have barbecue sauce? The chicken fillet things were different too, but that was to be expected. The lack of barbecue sauce is appalling, though. The entire idea behind my filled roll is to get chicken, strong cheese, a few vegetables, and then drown the thing in way too much barbecue sauce. Really, how can you have no barbecue sauce in a Subway shop? Considering that I was under the impression barbecue sauce was an American thing (I definitely don't think it's an English thing!), I was very surprised.

Anyway. I'll get over the barbecue sauce. Yes, I just beat the other five to telling me that again.

Today we went to church, and I don't think I'm quite made for the church environment, especially when it's really big and they play that cheery kind of worship music. Cheery music doesn't make me cheerful. I must be a peculiar type. It more makes me wish for I Will Follow. Though I wouldn't mind it so much if the place weren't so huge. U2 concerts excepted (I hope), I can't stand huge crowds. Especially not for something really personal like religion. I'll share religion with my close friends, I'll write about it here with hesitation, and I'll answer questions when asked, but I certainly won't desire to experience it with a large group of people I don't know who seem very outwardly enthusiastic when I'd rather sit down and learn about and discuss some solid theology.

Tomorrow's my last day in Franklin before I head off on my big adventure to Boston, spending two days by myself in a big city before Kate arrives. That should be interesting. I just hope my inept abilities from the flight here decide to vanish for a few days. I also hope I don't miss my connection, as I think I'll be by myself in Washington, where I have to change planes because Nashville isn't cool and has no direct flights to Boston.

Kate should be home any minute now, so I'll sign off. I haven't read my friends page (except those of you also on Kate's page), so if I didn't reply to any earth-shatteringly important posts, I'm not ignoring you deliberately. Have a good one, folks.
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