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Kate's the coolest person in the entire world and thinks this is a great subject line

I have come to a realisation. It is evidently clear that the airlines could use a fourth class in addition to first, business, and cattle economy: bumbling class. The perfect class for inept travellers such as myself, The kind of class where you are personally escorted aboard to your safe little padded cell, complete with an outside viewing hatch, bathroom, and all you can eat buffet. Then you are personally escorted off, or to your next flight, and you have utterly no chance of getting lost or doing anything wrong.

Because, you know, I had quite the adventure and really could've done with bumbling class.

I managed to successfully get lost aboard a plane at Coolangatta, and then lost in both Sydney and San Francisco airports. I was stuck between two untalkative, boring types for the thirteen hour flight over the Pacific. I barely slept a wink on any flight and was too paranoid to sleep in an airport, and got about three hours of sleep total for the roughly 31 hours I spent travelling. The remarkable part is that I arrived at Kate's house feeling a bizarre combination of exhaustion and being wide awake.

Despite all the fun I had travelling - and my goodness, Chicago is bloody huge! - it was all totally worth it. I could not be happier right now. Have a good one, folks. I know I will.
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