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Some things can prove to be interesting.

Communication's a wonderful thing. But does anyone actually communicate?

Before I say a word more: if you are reading this, please leave a comment. It can be as simple as 'I read'. If you are someone from, say, the Interference forums without a LiveJournal account, you CAN comment anonymously. So again, please, comment if you are reading. Now here's the explanation.

Yes, so I've tricked you a little bit. I'm not really writing any kind of analytical or thoughtful piece or even a rant; I'm running a test. It does have to do with communicating though! Communicating via LiveJournal. So my introduction isn't a total lie. I've recently been told that if you use an lj-cut, less people will read your entry, and that this has been tested. Well, I haven't seen anyone test it myself and even if I had, they wouldn't be testing my journal and its readership anyway. I'd never actually thought cuts would reduce readership or at least not noticeably - whether I read an entry or not isn't determined by whether it's cut, and I simply assumed if people cared enough or if the introduction was interesting, they would read (much like whether you'll buy a book based upon the author and/or the blurb on the back). I use cuts simply as a matter of courtesy. But maybe it is true, maybe they do cut readership? So I'm testing it myself, and as part of doing that, I'm asking you to comment as you have clicked the cut and read. It is crucial you comment. There's no other way for me to know you have read. Watch out for an entry lacking a cut tomorrow.

I'm sure this test will bother some of you, but that's too bad, especially seeing I'm not trying to please anyone with this entry. I'm interested to see just how great the difference in results actually is. Hey, if you've got a problem with this, tell me so. Then you get to vent your feelings and I get the comment. It's win-win!

Have a good one, everybody.

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