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An entry reflective of an unpleasant mood.

I'm in one of those moods. The kind of mood that leads to aggressive rants, insults of all things I don't like, and broad, sweeping, and highly offensive generalisations that are worded in such a way that I find them amusing.

Unfortunately, I don't have a specific target tonight.

It seems that in two weeks, I'll have to put a lid on it and keep quiet about numerous things I hate - specifically US English and US sports. Now, I'm not one for keeping quiet. If I have an opinion, I rather enjoy expressing it, and I'm generally inclined to think that those who disagree with me are wrong, not out of any arrogance but out of the fact that if my opinion were wrong, I wouldn't hold it. But if they want to be wrong, I'll accept that: there's no reason for them to take offence (offence has a 'c', folks). Of course, this is overlooking the fact I've probably just called them some sort of unpleasant name, but that's beside the point. However, apparently in the interests of a whole bunch of good things, it will be a good idea if I stop whining about how people who wear helmets when they play football are pansies, ponces, and wimps who should go sit on their Mummy's lap and watch real men play rugby, and just think it to myself.

And, oh yeah, as much as I'm looking forward to the U2 concert, I'm not looking forward to the types of people I'll have to associate with. I can't stand smoke - oh, that reminds me, I won't even be able to refer to cigarettes as 'fags' - and while cigarette smoke is intolerable enough (I agree with every word paradoxicalbum has written condemning smoking), if you're dumb enough to smoke some illegal substance, don't expect me to be tolerant. I don't give a shit if it relaxes you or allows you to hear sounds you don't normally hear or should be legal - the point stands that it is currently illegal now and I'd rather not be around such activity, and my desire to be a law abiding citizen trumps your desire to flagrantly break the law. So I sincerely hope that you are arrested during the concert and wake up in a nice little jail cell the next morning. Also, why would you get drunk during a concert? Really now, be sensible. Wouldn't you want to enjoy the music? I'm sure it's bucketloads of fun turning yourself into a moron who spills half of each beer you buy over the person in front of you, speaks too loudly, has horrible breath, and then wakes up the next morning unable to remember the show and sits over the toilet throwing up, but I do believe you paid a lot of money for a concert ticket to actually enjoy the music and have a good time to remember.

Then again, who am I to expect sense from people? I really am full of verbal venom tonight. I wonder where this came from, as I spent half the afternoon asleep (I've totally destroyed my sleeping pattern). I better not get myself started about television, abstract art, fanfiction, popular music, or any other form of ... damnit, a lot of you like that stuff, don't you?

Maybe I should go blow off some steam by writing a few full-pace action scenes or something. Have a good, calm one, folks.
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